February 20, 2024

Praise for Gemma New and the Bochumer Symfoniker

Review: Bochumer Symphoniker, saxophonist Asya Fateyeva, conductor Gemma New
By Stefanie Stüber
February 20, 2024

“There was not an empty seat at the Musikforum’s symphony concert: the audience got to experience the thirty-three-year-old Asya Feteyeva and her extraordinary talent.”

“The sold-out matinee of the Bochumer Symphoniker in the Anneliese-Brost-Musikforum was presented with the motto ‘Dance,’ and there was much proverbial dancing on stage. Manuel de Falla’s Suite No. 2 draws inspiration from Spanish dances, Alexander Glazunov’s Saxophone Concerto recalls an Italian tarantella, and the Symphonic Dances from Leonard Bernstein’s ‘West Side Story’ are not just a name, but unite the mambo, cha-cha and other dances into a thrilling mix.”

“The time came for the truly exceptional soloist Asya Fateyeva on both alto and soprano saxophone... Thanks to Fateyeva’s enchanting playing... the instrument underwent a renaissance during this performance.”

“At the end came the Bernstein as a finale — and here, too, Gemma New revealed herself to be a class act. She skillfully kept an artful balance amidst all passages explosive and sentimental. The orchestra sparkled with its impressive percussion section, songful woodwinds and brass, and luxurious strings. The conductor let the ensemble shine forth. And the audience then reveled in this sheen with thunderous applause: an electrifying start to their day.”

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